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Dragon Medical Practice Edition


Dragon Medical Practice Edition allows physicians to increase productivity by using speech recognition to create documents, email, patient records and much more! Dragon Medical Practice Edition is up to 99% accurate out-of-the-box and includes vocabularies specific to a variety of medical specialties.

  • Save Money

    Physicians can dictate patient records and have them transcribed real-time, decreasing transcription costs and related fees.

  • Increase Productivity

    Utilize such features as the the AutoTranscribe Folder Agent to increase productivity and decrease transcription costs.

  • Save Time

    Dictating with Dragon allows physicians to spend more time with patients, or even to increase patient load – leading to higher practice revenue. Physicians can now dictate more detailed patient encounters in less time.

  • Efficient Communication

    Communicate clinical information and patient notes to other physicians and patients quickly and efficiently. Dragon allows physicians to create more complete medical records, in less time, leading to better patient care.

We understand that implementing speech technology requires an in-depth analysis of your workflow, customization of the software to meet your needs, and an effective deployment strategy to suit your office. Whether it’s a new implementation of Dragon Medical, or expansion of an existing installation of software, our Value Added Resellers craft solutions that maximize the value of your investment and provide a level of service tailored to your needs.

Offering for physician practices

Dragon Medical is designed for practices of up to 25 physicians and provides a great dictation experience at a price that meets the budget. Utilize Dragon Medical to create higher quality documentation, as well as more efficient and profitable care.

Physicians can use Dragon Medical to dictate directly into their computer, or even use a digital voice recorder for on-the-go dictation.

Maximize Efficiency

The days of writing in paper charts are gone. With Dragon, you can dictate your patient notes directly into your computer and have them transcribed instantly.

Higher Quality Care

When you use Dragon to dictate your patient notes you can spend more time with your patients and less time typing and writing.

Decrease Cost

Decrease transcription costs by using Dragon Medical to dictate patient notes real-time.

Increase Profitability

Dictate your patient notes real-time, decreasing time spent writing and typing, and see more patients – increasing your practice revenue.